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Canary Wharf Escorts

Canary Wharf, one of the most famous places in London is located on the strangely named ‘Isle of Dogs’. Previously a busy shipping dock Canary Wharf is now home to some of the biggest businesses and banks in the world including JP Morgan, HSBC and Barclays. With all these prestigious businesses finding there home in Canary Wharf you can also expect the best escorts London has to offer here. With an average wage of a 100 grand a year these Canary Wharf escorts are used to catering to high-end clients and giving the best service possible.

Some of Canary Wharf's Top Tourist Attractions

If you’re a Sherlock fan or just fancy doing something a little bit different with your gorgeous Canary Wharf Escort why not give the ‘Sherlock Unlock’ activity a try. An escape activity where two or more people are trapped in a room and have to figure out a series of puzzles and riddles to escape. This is a great icebreaking activity to part take in and the teamwork aspect of the activity will let you bond with your Escort and build up some great chemistry between you.

To slow down the momentum a little you can also visit Canary Wharf’s ‘Museum of London Docklands’. A perfect opportunity for a slow walk and chat while you admire your Canary Wharf beauty while you get to learn a little bit about our capitals skyscraper conception from its early days of trading on the dock to modern day Canary Wharf. The Museum, which is located in a 200-year-old warehouse tells the story of Canary Wharf through the eyes of past trade and migration over the past few centuries.

Canary Wharf's Top Restaurants for Dinner Dates

All this sightseeing can work up quite the appetite for both you and your beautiful Escort so why not try a bite to eat at Canary Wharf's famous Boisdale Restaurant. Also located in Mayfair this prestigious restaurant and music venue serves the best modern British food complete with a whiskey bar overlooking the city skyline.

The whiskey bar, located on the second floor boasts a twelve metre long amber wall of glowing liquid gold which beautifully displays over a thousand bottles of malt whiskey and in the words of Boisdale themselves ‘ is undoubtedly one of the most extensive and magnificent whiskey bars in the world’ which makes it more than a perfect spot for you and your stunning Canary Wharf escort.

ROKA is another popular Canary Wharf restaurant but with a slightly different twist to the modern British food of Boisdale. ROKA serves a Japanese menu and boasts a location overlooking Canada Square with Canary Wharf’s impressive Skyline serving as a movie scene backdrop to the perfect date with the perfect London Escort.

When you and your stunning escort are ready to retire to your room in Canary Wharf, the Central Park hotel is perfect. Four locations all in prime locations in London, including Canary Wharf, make this hotel one of the more classic hotels Canary Wharf has to offer. The historically charming style mixed with a cheeky sleek contemporary look is the perfect compliment to your high-end Canary Wharf escort. All rooms are individually decorated to give a sense of individual identity. If you want your Canary Wharf escort to impress you, impress her here first.